Important WHS update - January 2023


WHS update - January 2023

Clarifications on the Rules of Handicapping - January 2023

WHS Handicap Terminology and Trademark Usage




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Mandatory handicap allowances

Rules of handicapping




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EGF are happy to announce that World Handicap System

An introduction to the New Handicap WHS to be introduced to Egypt at the end of September

All Golf Clubs in Cairo, Alex, North Coast and Red Sea have now been rated by the R&A

Your Handicap is now your Handicap Index which is transferable wherever you play golf

Every round Counts! Putting your scores in, measuring your true potential and establishing a handicap index has never been easier under WHS

Find out more about how your Handicap Index is calculated

Timely Revisions. Submitting Scores immediately after play is extremely important

Scoring and Calculation information

Playing conditions are now factored into daily scoring. A key reason why scores should be handed in every time we play. Find out more

WHS. The unified system that will allow golfers of all abilities to participate in a fair game

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