Waked and Amal Champion Palm Hills Open Golf
11 Nov 2019

Waked and Amal Champion Palm Hills Open Golf


Amal Rateb and Ibrahim Waked were crowned the Palm Hills Open Golf Championship 2019 version of one of the local classification tournaments in which 75 players from different clubs participated.

Ibrahim Wakid won the men s competition with 143 hits, one more than the average after a very impressive performance.


Sporting s Mamdouh Al-Sheikh came second with 149 hits, followed by his teammate Fares Abdul Aziz and 153. Amal Ratib won the women s title for the same tournament with 168 hits, followed by Maha Snoussi in second place. The men s net won the Handicap with Bryan Lee, Ibrahim Rateb second and Omar Mahdi third.

In the women s competition for the same competition, Christine Shankel won first place. In the points calculation, Stapleford won the men s first place, Mohamed Amr and Hala El Gendy. Following the competitions, the awards ceremony was held by the Vice President of the Golf Union, Timor Abou El Khair, Board Member Ghassan Qabbani, Technical Advisor Mohamed Atallah and Chairman of the Golf Committee of Al Jazeera Club Ibrahim Rateb.


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