100 years of the Egyptian Amateur Open
16 Jan 2020

100 years of the Egyptian Amateur Open


The Egyptian Golf Federation celebrates this year the centenary of the 100th anniversary of the Egyptian Amateur Open,but it played 83 times , one of the oldest sporting tournaments in Egypt and the Middle East.
The Egyptian Amateur Open was launched for the first time in the 1920s and is still continuing until now, marking a long history of Egyptian golf as one of the oldest sports in Egypt and the Middle East region.
The first version was launched on Gezira Club , and from the mid-fifties, it moved to Alexandria between the Sporting and Smouha clubs, and then it was once held in Cairo and another in Alexandria, and the increasing number of clubs began to be held alternately among all clubs.
The tournament cup is indeed historic, as it was made in England specifically and made of pure silver and has not been changed since 1920 until now for the hundred years since the start of the first version of the tournament .
The Egyptian Amateur Open witnessed the participation of the stars of the Golf, one of the most famous foreign players since its inception, and it was natural for foreigners to impose their word on the title for a period of time, but it was not long after our golfers mastered the golf well.
Throughout the history of the tournament, many Egyptian stars in the Golf recorded their names in the honorary record of the Egyptian Amateur Open , according to the arrangement in winning the first title of the late Dr. Zakaria Taher, Sayed Sharif, the late Marwan Jadawi, Ayman Al-Faransawi, Amr Mahfouz , Amr Abou El-Ela, Sherif Abou Al-Kheir, Rami Taher and Taymour Abou Al-Kheir, Suleiman Al-Aasar, Mamdouh Al-Sheikh, Abdul-Moneim Al-Shafi’i, and Issa Abou Al-Ela.
The great hero Amr Abou El-Ela, the most Egyptian player, won the Egyptian Amateur Open title 12 times, in addition to one time in par with Rami Taher in 2011, and he also achieved his first title in 1977. He was only 16 years old, followed by the hero Ayman El-Faransawi seven times, the late Marwan Jadawi five times and Rami Taher four times. Times in addition to a time in par with Amr Abou Al-Ela in 2011,Amr Mahfouz three times , Mamdouh Al-Sheikh three times, and Issa Abou Al-Ella twice He is professional now and once for each of the players, the late Dr. Zakaria Taher and Sayed Sharif, who later professionalized in Sweden 1970, Sherif Abou Al-Kheir, Taymour Abou Al-Kheir, Suleiman Al-Aasar and Abdul-Moneim Al-Shafi’i.
The tournament also witnessed the progress of some sons on the approach of their fathers champions and reaching the podium, Ramy Taher, son of the late Dr. Zakaria Taher, and the time difference between them is 20 years. Taher the father achieved the title in 1961, while the first time crowning the son was Taher in 1981 and then the vice president of the EGF Taymour Abou Al-Kheir, son of Sharif Abou Al-Kheir, the difference between them is 22 years. Father Abou Al-Kheir won the title in 1980, while Abou Al-Kheir son crowned in 2002 and finally Isa Abou El-Ela and his father Amr Abou El-Ela. The time difference was reduced due to the long period of stay of Father Abou El-Ela in the golf course where the last time for the father Abou El-Ela in 2011 while she was For the first time, the son of Abou El-Ela after six years in 2017.
Finally, the players participating in this version of the tournament have a historical honor, which is playing on the centenary of the Egyptian Amateur Open. — with Ayman Fathy Hussein.