EGF Junior Golf Summer Camps 2020
07 Jul 2020

EGF Junior Golf Summer Camps 2020


With the necessary precautions in and social distancing in place. The EGF Junior Summer camps began on the North Coast on 5th July.
The camps are organised by the Egyptian Golf Federation headed by Eng. Ayman Hussein will run throughout the months of July and August.
Open camp began this week at Marassi Golf Course. They will then move to Hacienda Bay Golf Course rotating between Marassi Golf Club, Hacienda Bay and Alexandria Sporting Club over the next 8 weeks.A shecdule for released by the EGF has been published for all junior golfers or aspiring golfers in Egypt.
Golf has been acknowledged as one of the sports that is greatly able to apply the policies of social as the sport is played in a natural environment in vast spaces which are natural for the sport. The sport is also a non-contact game and all the equipments used are Personal from golf bag, to clubs and golf ball. Most importantly it is practiced in vast areas of the open air in a healthy and fun environment.