7 clubs compete for the Egyptian Golf League
02 Dec 2020

7 clubs compete for the Egyptian Golf League


7 clubs are competing for the title of the Egyptian Golf League Champions. The Egyptiab Golf League which will start on 5 Dec, organized by the EGF, first round will be held at New Giza golf club.
The participating clubs are Gezira, Alexandria Sporting Club, The Allegria, Palm Hills, Dreamland, New Giza and Sokhna Golf Club. A total of 70 players will represent their respective clubs.

Egyptian Golf League will be the strongest and biggest competition this season, and the tournaments will bring together the best players from all levels who will represent their clubs on the course and challenge for the Title of Egyptian Golf League Champions.

Juniors players will also participate in the league, as the EGF has made sure that juniors be among the ranks of club teams. This is part of the federations permanent plan to support juniors and give them experience.

The Egyptian Golf League reappears after a long period of absence, as part of the golf federation’s desire to expand awareness of game and achieve further growth and development in cooperation with clubs in Egypt to bring Egyptian golf to the forefront of domestic and international competition.

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