Dreamland Golf Club hosts the second round of the Egyptian Golf League
29 Dec 2020

Dreamland Golf Club hosts the second round of the Egyptian Golf League


Dreamland Golf club will host the second round of the Egyptian Golf League 23 Jan, 2021, with the participation of 70 players representing 7 clubs: The Allegria, Alexandria Sporting Club, Dreamland, Gezira Sporting Club, New Giza Golf Club, Palm Hills Golf Course and Sokhna Golf Club.

The dates have now been set for the remaining rounds of the Egyptian Golf League, which will be as follows:
Round 2: Dreamland 23 January 2021
Round 3: The Allegria 13 February 2021
Round 4: Gezira Sporting Club 5 & 6 March 2021
Round 5:Alexandria Sporting Club 29 May 2021
Round 6: Sokhna Golf Club 4 June 2021 and
Round 7 and Final round at event at Palm Hills Golf Course19 June 2021 where the top 3 teams will be announced and the inaugrial Egyptian Golf League Champions will be crowned for the 2020/2021 season.

The first round, which was held in New Giza Golf Club, witnessed an exciting competition between the participating teams. Gezira Sporting Club Golf team are the league leaders after the first round with 279 points. Leading Alexandria Sporting Club by two points who are second on 277 points. New Giza on home territory came in third with 275 points followed by the teams of Plam Hills Golf Course with268 points, The Allegria 256 points, Dreamland 252 points, and Sokhna Golf Club with 250 points.

Scores are very close and the season still has a long way yo go before the Egyptian Golf Leagues Champions are crowned in June 2021.

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