Alexandria Sporting Club Leads the Egyptian Golf League
08 Feb 2021

Alexandria Sporting Club Leads the Egyptian Golf League


Alexandria Sporting Club team lead in the Egyptian Golf, after the end of the second round, which was held in Dreamland Golf Club with the participation of 7 clubs.

The score of Sporting Club after the end of the second round was 532 points, having scored 277 points in first round, which was held in New Giza Golf Club, and then coming in with 255 point at the second league match held at Dreamland.

Gezira club team came in second place with a total score of 528 points after two events, a difference of only 4 points.

The two other clubs are close behind witb New Giza Golf Clb in third place with a total 522 only 10 points difference from the league leaders ASC.

In fourth place, Dreamland team has 509 points in fourth place after it scored 252 points in first round, then in then winning overall in the second round with 257 points. Dreamlands win in the seco d round o home soil saw the only significant move in the rankings taking them frombe from sixth to fourth place.

Palm Hills team are currently in fifth place with 505 points. In sixth place, Allegria team dropping one place in the seventh place, Sokhna team are on 488 points.

There are still 5 rounds in the Egyptian Golf League that will be held at the Allegria, Gezira, Sporting, Sokhna and Palm Hills courses, respectively, during which these exciting competition with still everything to play for!


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